Getting serious at SVA

So it’s October and getting intense here at SVA.  For those who don’t know I’m starting my first year of the MFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.  So far so good.  The workload is increasing and the expectations are going up.  The faculty are really knowledgeable and I’m constantly impressed by the work of my fellow students!

My schedule is as follows:  Tuesday we have Digital Media class with Matt Richmond.  I’m already WAY faster than I was at Photoshop thanks to all the nifty tricks he’s showing us.  On Wednesday discussions in Marshall Arisman’s class help me place my ambitions in the larger context of illustration. Carl Titulo’s class is allowing me to experiment with all types of media I normally would not have the time to consider.  Thursday brings rigorous Creative Writing with Michele Zackheim which I’ll be using to develop ideas for my thesis project next year.  In Victor Koen’s class I’m preparing a semester long book project entitled Lenin Lives that will highlight the strange circumstances that surround Lenin’s preserved corpse.  Finally on Friday we explore NYC locations with Carol Fabricatore and capture, through observational drawing, aspects of such amazing places as the New York Botanical Gardens, The Highline, and The Natural History Museum (my personal fav so far).

Each week we spend a lot of time bringing in work and sharing it with the class.  The critiques that each of the instructors provide is invaluable.  The feedback from my fellow students is also incredible.

Here’s a series of illustrations I did for the Sequential Illustration assignment in Marshall’s class.  I used thePentel brush pen (which I now love more than some of my appendages) then created washes with sumi ink on stonehenge paper, and finished Photoshop.

The series seems appropriate for Halloween week and reminds of a lot of good times with my little brothers.  Back to work!


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