Drawing at SVA

Every Friday I attend an observational drawing class taught by Carol Fabricatore here at SVA.  Carol is an amazing artist and a lot of fun to just hang out with.  Over the course of the semester we’ve gone to all kinds of cool and random places in and around NYC like the Highline, The Natural History Museum, Gleason’s Boxing Gym, and the Chelsea Market.  Going to these locations and drawing what we see and experience there, is a great way to soak up the city.

Here are a few samples of sketches I did with a Pentel brush pen.  The first page was at the Bronx Botanical Garden.  The second and third were at a retirement home in the West Village.

This week I had the pleasure to attend the 1st ever Brooklyn Comic and Graphics Festival.  This unique event (literally) was organized by the amazing Gabriel Fowler.  You can find out more about him and his shop at http://www.desertislandbrooklyn.com/ .  Held in a church basement the fest was a nice concentration of some really talented people who are pushing the form of comics in some cool directions.  Here’s a shot of me with fellow SVA first-years Pat Kinsella and Jungyeon Roh.  Both of them are hard-working illustrators, and already recieving lots of well -deserved attention.  Yes, I’m hoping this will rub off on me!


One thought on “Drawing at SVA

  1. pahahaha~! look at my thumb! how can it be that small looking? anyway, thanks for coming yesterday, and you will rub off them soon!!! xoxo

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