Holiday CRUNCH!

Along with the normal stress that tends to come with the holidays, this year also brought the stress of final projects, as our first semester in the MFA of Illustration program here at SVA, drew to a close.  Early on in the semester I set a high bar for myself, so in the weeks leading up to the break I spent almost every waking hour in the studio or class and still felt like I wasn’t going to get it all done!

One of our tasks was to display samples of work from each of our classes in our studio spaces.  This was so members of the scholarship review committee could see what we were doing and gauge how much money they should give us.  I tried to make mine look focus, but not TOO desperate.  As the  dust settled it was nice to take a look around and see that a body of work is forming here.  A body of my work, that is uniquely me and will be the foundation for my career as an illustrator and storyteller.

One of my favorite projects was our book project with Viktor Koen.  I put together a (somewhat) factual account of Vladimir Lenin’s corpse.  The story is really fascinating since the body has been preserved and is still on display, over 90 years after his death!

Here’s me with a couple of the spreads from the book.  I’m looking forward to getting the whole thing put together, during the break.  I want to send it to selected art directors to promote my work, and increase the fan base of the man who put the personality in “cult of personality”!

So 2009 has been a great and growing year for me!  Wishing all of us the best in 2010!


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