Drawing into the new decade!

Hmm as I get older decades don’t have the same kind of weight they used to, now that I’ve been around for a couple!  ( fine- a few.)  Speaking of weight, I made the MOST of  my holiday break.  Eating, sleeping, eating some more, and squeezing in some illustration here and there.

My first project was to make, print, and mail new promotional postcards.  I decided to go through Modern Postcards. They were very pleasant to work with and I actually got to talk to *gasp* real people!  The cards turned out great and are currently on there way to art directors around the globe!  (mostly NYC actually)

The second big task was to finish my first semester book project which I’m calling Lenin Forever (read below).  It’s gone through a lot of tweaking but actually resembles a book now.  Here ‘s one of the spreads.  I will print full color copies in the next couple weeks.  I hope to sell them through Desert Island and Forbidden Planet.

I also used my break time to get started on our book project for this semester.  I’m writing and illustrating an original story set at the time of Noah’s ark.  Here is some of my concept work for that.

I’m really excited for this book!  One of the coolest things about it is that I’ll be using mostly brush and ink, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  There is a spontaneity in these pieces that I want to keep all the way to the finished book.  Plus I get to draw prehistoric beasts fighting each other!  I love my work!

Finally I had the privilege of modeling for one of my favorite illustrators working today Sam Weber.  Here is yours truly in Sam’s cover art for the book Five Odd Honors published by Tor Books.

P.S. No I’m not the one with the sword, look lower!  Great work Sam!  See more of Sam’s amazing art at Sampaints.com


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