The last week has been an exciting time for me. My altpick page that I mentioned in my last post is now up to 240,000 visits views while daily views to this blog and my website have more than quadrupled. 

Most exciting has been the huge amount of feedback I am receiving through many different channels:

1.  repostings on various blogs including reddit.com, mashkulture.net, the independentUK , the weekly dope, and many more.

2. comments and messages both posted and emailed to me.

3.  many more requests for prints of  my artwork.  (those interested can email me through my website willvarner.com.)

4. (what I’m really focused on right now) more offers to do editorial work from art directors!

Many people have been drawn to the image Surveillance 2010 (see my last post) and it is getting reposted and commented on the most.  I can only say making it was an honest attempt to respond in a creative way to the current social and political malaise.

* hmmm there are a lot of links in this entry.


One thought on “Exposure

  1. Tanei Atagi Henry says:

    I’m not an art director, but I am an admirer! I’ve just spent about an hour browsing your blog and your website. You’re so good, Will! Surveillance 2010 is pure genius (and beautiful)!

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