Coal Feather

On September 28th after months of intense labor, soul searching, and outright meltdowns my fellow  SVA classmates and I presented our first year book projects.  Below is a description of mine and a few images from the book and show.

In an ancient time the world is about to undergo a massive change.  The age of monsters must end so the age of man can begin but one female dire wolf, a most unusual beast, refuses to go quietly into oblivion.  In this dark revision of the Noah’s Ark story I mixed together many elements including fantasy, indigenous cosmology,  Mormon folklore, and my love for nature to create a  world both familar and strange.

The black and white artwork is a combination of traditional as well as digital media and the sweeping landscapes reflect my love for cinema and the American West.

will varner shewolf SVA BYU NYC art coal featherWill Varner Mammoth art sva nyc illustratorWill Varner Coal Feather SVA NYC BYU illustrator



I’ve also made a for-sale version that has the full text and some of the illustrations which I’m selling for $7.  If interested please email me at


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