Dear Japan

robot robotech flowers kites kids peace safety tsunami love will varner

This is the drawing I made for the Dear Japan Show.  I was honored to be invited by Aya Kakeda  to participate in this heartfelt effort.  Over 170 renowned and emerging artists from around the world are donating one piece of their art and writing  messages of hope on the back. This artwork will be on sale at the one night benefit party held at Art Connects New York (ACNY) in the SOHO gallery on June 4th, 2011. All the proceeds from this benefit event will go to help the people of Japan who were most effected by the March 11th earthquake and ensuing disasters.

My drawing comes from my love for the great works of Japanese imagination that were a part of my childhood through toys, cartoons, and comics.  I spent so many daydreams wishing I was friends with a giant robot that could easily defeat any bad thing that real life could send my way.

If you are in the NYC area on June 4th please come out and support what will be an inspiring evening of great art reflecting the human bonds that unite us all.


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