Battle For Breakfast!

Recycling is better for the earth right?  Recently I wanted to make a new piece for my portfolio that had 1) A lot of different figures.  A good ol’fashion crowd scene. 2) Humor.  My editorial portfolio was starting to feel a little too serious.  I am the FUN illustrator! 3) Lots of solid drawing and less special effects.  So as I was determining how to do that I remembered that early on at SVA I made this for a class assignment:

breakfast cap'n crunch tony the tiger snap crackle pop battle toucan sam mrs. butterworth eggs illo illustration

I liked this one because it made me laugh and had some personality but the drawing was a little hmmm..insecure.  I knew I could definitely do a more dynamic version that would accomplish what I wanted to do for my portfolio.

So I recycled the old art and ran it through my brain and brush to make the NEW BATTLE FOR BREAKFAST!!!  The DEADLIEST meal of the day!!!

toucan sam tony the tiger cap'n crunch art illo illustration snap crackle pop sugar bear honey smacks table kid crazy


One thought on “Battle For Breakfast!

  1. Christina Latham says:

    What year did you do the first one?

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