Green Lantern

Gee Whiz, this is one nerdy summer at the box office!  With at least four big budget super hero movies vying for space between now and the Fall I feel like I’m twelve again!  (Crap! Is that a pimple?)  There’s nothing I like more than a great big summer blockbuster, especially if its a great big superhero summer blockbuster!  Since I loved the comic book as a kid I was especially excited to see the Green Lantern movie.

While it didn’t live up to all my expectations I did love getting back to some of the great characters that helped me imagine my way through the deathmarch that was junior high P.E.  With so many other geek-worthy summer movies out and soon to be released I’ll be doing some more movie portraits soon!

A sketch that helped me work out some of color and line decisions:

sketch will varner hal jordan green lantern ryan reynolds illustration

…and the final, complete with lots of summer-appropriate special effects:

Will Varner illustrator green lantern art hal jordan ryan reynolds DC Comics stel ch'p kilowog corps


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