Will Varner’s Art

By blending elements of my adult angst and childhood fantasies I seek unique visions, bizarre creatures, and warped cityscapes. By looking through the eyes of society’s outsiders I see that we are unified by those very feelings of isolation. An empty field. The blue glow of a computer monitor. The cold of outer space. I draw from a lonely place but find connection in the making process and humor along the lonely road.

2 thoughts on “Will Varner’s Art

  1. Hey Will.

    I picked up an “angry dad vs gay son” at this years mocca. I thought it was great, therfore I wanted to invite you to participate in a themed anthology I’m putting together, this with the hope that you might find it interesting enough (or have the time) to participate.
    I believe your work could be a great part of this project if you decide to collaborate.
    The actual invitation is a .jpg, which I can’t attach through this way. If you are remotely interested to at least read the invitation, please send me an email so I can reply you with it.


    Luis Echavarría.

  2. J.Keegan says:

    Hi Will,

    Came across a picture of yours on this site http://dollarvigilante.com/blog/2013/2/5/is-america-a-police-state-yet.html (was just stumbling and came across it), I was so blown away by this picture I had to find the person who made it, the rest of your art is really great too, you have a new fan.

    Ultimately though this post is more a cheeky request than gushing praise – would it be worth your while at all to do a British flag using a similar style? I guess one of the reasons I was so blown away by it is here in the UK we are arguably even worse in many ways with regards to ‘the nanny state’ – especially concerning CCTV, and I think a picture like that would really hit home for a lot of UK residents.

    Either way, great stuff!

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