Geeks Out Dreamweaver: A Tribute to Sigourney Weaver

Geeks Out Dreamweaver: A Tribute to Sigourney Weaver

This week I had the great opportunity to participate in an original art auction to benefit Geeks Out NYC an organization that promotes LGBT comics and provides events for LGBT comic fans. The theme for contributing artists was the amazing actress Sigourney Weaver! Since I was raised on Ghostbusters and the Alien movies (at least the first two!) I was sooo in!

The actual event was a lot of fun and to get such a great response from many of the “geeks” was really invigorating! It was also a blast to see the works of the other artists and to participate with my good friends Devon Hong and Anthony Kieren. Great work guys!

In this photo I’m hanging out with the guy that won the original ink drawing and an inkjet print of the digitally-colored version of my piece. I’m a dork (and probably had too much Amstel Light) and can’t remember his name but he was super cool and very enthusiastic about the piece.

I can’t wait for next year’s show. The rumor is: Sir Ian McKellen!

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